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April 2014

Federation of Defense & Corporate Counsel | Craig A. Marvinney

In a blog posted on the website of the Federation of Defense & Corporate Counsel (FDCC) and titled, "U.S. Supreme Court Upholds Michigan Constitutional Ban on Affirmative Action," Craig A. Marvinney reviewed the Court's decision in the case of Schuette v. BAMN, etc. In this decision, the Court upheld the Michigan electorate's approval of "Proposal 2," which addressed the statewide debate on the issue of racial preferences in the context of governmental decision-making.

Ohio State Bar Association | John E. Schiller

In an article published on the Ohio State Bar Association's website, John E. Schiller shared his experiences and advice with other attorneys, in order to help them provide their clients with the best possible service. This article, titled "Ten tips for effective counsel," was posted under the "News and Publications" section of the OSBA's website.

Crain's Cleveland Business | Fredrick W. Englehart

In a Crain's "Legal Guest Blog," published on April 10, 2014 and titled, "No wonder labor unions are concerned," Fredrick W. Englehart analyzed the recent union representation election at a Volkswagen plant in Chattanooga, Tennessee and its potential effect upon employer-employee relations in private companies.

March 2014

Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Journal | J. Ryan Williams

In the March 2014 issue of the Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Journal, J. Ryan Williams authored an article titled, "Health Care Delivery and Payment Reform." In this piece, Ryan discussed the recently proposed Congressional legislation known as the "Better Care, Lower Cost Act of 2014" and, in particular, the potential establishment of new integrated care networks called "Better Care Programs" (BCPs).

Crain's Cleveland Business | Joshua E. Hurtuk

In a "Real Estate Guest Blog," published by Crain's Cleveland Business on March 10, 2014 and titled, "Wicked winter weather demonstrates need for adequate force majeure clauses," Joshua E. Hurtuk discussed the topic of force majeure clauses in commercial leases and construction contracts.

Crain's Cleveland Business | John E. Schiller

John E. Schiller discussed end-of-life care issues in a "Health Care Guest Blog," published by Crain's Cleveland Business on March 4, 2014 and titled, "The challenge of addressing end-of-life care under the current health care model."

February 2014

Heights Observer | John H. Gibbon

In an article published in the Heights Observer and titled, "John Gibbon, longtime CH law director, retires," author Deanna Bremer Fisher recognized John H. Gibbon for his long and distinguished service as law director for the City of Cleveland Heights, Ohio.

Crain's Cleveland Business | Marc J. Bloch

In a Crain's "Legal Guest Blog," titled "The Obama administration's attack on successful businesses," Marc J. Bloch outlined actions taken by the Obama administration which, he feels, seek to further the government's pro-union agenda.

Crain's Cleveland Business | Sara Ravas Cooper

In a Crain's "Legal Guest Blog," titled "Businesses increasingly find mediation a valuable tool for navigating the e-discovery process," Sara Ravas Cooper explained how parties in a litigation matter can benefit from the use of a mediator to address e-discovery issues.

Crain's Cleveland Business | Donald E. Miehls

In a Crain's "Real Estate Guest Blog," authored by Don Miehls and titled, "Delay construction until after the mortgage has been filed," Don warned owners financing new commercial construction to be cautious about allowing contractors to begin work prior to the loan closings on these projects. | R. Todd Hunt

In an article published on on February 4, 2014, titled "Cleveland's victory in Supreme Court reinforces home rule, but it's not a breakthrough for cities, expert says," R. Todd Hunt was quoted on the Ohio Legislature's efforts, over the last few years, to limit "home rule" for cities.

January 2014

Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Journal | Bozana Lazic Lundberg

In an article in the Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Journal, titled "Environmental Law Section Honors Founding Member Mike Goler and Raises Over $7,000 for Scholarship," Bozana Lazic Lundberg recognized some of the many people who have contributed to the success of the CMBA's "Environmental Law Section" since its establishment in 1991, including one of its founding members, Mike Goler.

Crain's Cleveland Business | Fredrick W. Englehart

In a "Legal Guest Blog," published by Crain's Cleveland Business and titled, "This could be a year of excessive pro-labor regulation," Fredrick W. Englehart indicated that government activity could be favorable to unions in 2014.

OSBA & | Sara Ravas Cooper

In a "Law You Can Use" article, titled "Served via social media - the new 'face' of litigation" and published by the Ohio State Bar Association and, Sara Ravas Cooper addressed the concept of "service of process" by social media in litigation matters.

Properties magazine | John W. Waldeck, Jr.

In an article published in the January 2014 issue of Properties magazine and titled, "Progress in 2013 promises bright 2014 for commercial real estate in Cleveland," John W. Waldeck, Jr. provided a summary of commercial real estate activity in Cleveland in 2013 and offered a glimpse at some of the projects which are scheduled for the new year.

Crain's Cleveland Business | Geoffrey S. Goss

On January 13, 2014, Geoffrey S. Goss maintained that recent historic tax credit guidance issued by the IRS should result in an increase in successful tax credit-backed projects in the future in his article, "Long-awaited IRS guidance provides clarity for historic tax credit development partnerships," in Crain's Cleveland Business's "Real Estate Guest Blog."

December 2013

Managed Healthcare Executive | John E. Schiller

In an article published online on December 16, 2013 in Managed Healthcare Executive and titled, "End-of-life care requires national dialogue," John E. Schiller called for stakeholders throughout the nation to engage in comprehensive discussions concerning "end-of-life care" issues.

Crain's Cleveland Business | Megan C. Zaidan

In a Crain's "Real Estate Guest Blog," published on December 16, 2013 and titled, "Making the most of exclusive-use provisions in leases for landlords and tenants," Megan C. Zaidan explained the purpose of "exclusive-use" provisions in commercial leases and described how, when drafted properly, they can benefit both landlords and tenants.

The New York Times | Patricia F. Weisberg

An article by Patti Weisberg was recently featured in "Room for Debate," on online opinion forum published by The New York Times. In this piece, titled "Company Party, Company Rules," Patti offered tips for employers to ensure that their holiday office parties are safe, fun and free from liability.

New Partner | Kenneth S. Stumphauzer

Walter | Haverfield is pleased to announce the addition of Kenneth S. Stumphauzer to our Labor and Employment Law and Education Law Groups.

November 2013

Crain's Cleveland Business | Leslie G. Wolfe

In a "Legal Guest Blog" for Crain's Cleveland Business, Leslie G. Wolfe discussed the doctrine of "vicarious liability," as it applies to an employer's potential liability for an employee's risky conduct. In her article, titled "When are employers liable for employee behavior?," Leslie advised employers to protect themselves by establishing written policies which clearly identify the boundaries of permitted and prohibited employee conduct.

HR Cleveland | Patricia F. Weisberg

In an article published in HR Cleveland, titled "After 20 Years, FMLA Still Creates Confusion and Frustration for Employers," Patricia F. Weisberg provided advice on several items pertaining to FMLA which should be "top-of-mind" for employers.

Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Journal | Sara Ravas Cooper

In an article published in the Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Journal, titled "A New Approach to Managing E-Discovery," Sara Ravas Cooper recommended that parties to a lawsuit consider the use of a mediator to handle potential disputes which may arise over ESI or e-discovery issues.

Properties Magazine | Geoffrey S. Goss

In an article published in the November 2013 issue of Properties magazine, titled "The Life Cycle of a Property," Geoffrey S. Goss advised owners of commercial real estate properties to rely on third-party professional help throughout the "life cycles" of their properties.

Crain's Cleveland Business | Fredrick Englehart

In the November 21, 2013 "Legal Guest Blog," published by Crain's Cleveland Business, Fred Englehart discussed the imminent, potentially-controversial ruling by the U.S. Department of Labor regarding the agency's "persuader reporting rule."

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