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February 2016

Crain's Cleveland Business | Patricia F. Weisberg

In an online article posted on February 3, 2016 by Crain's Cleveland Business and titled, "New Department of Labor overtime rule is expected to costs businesses a bundle," Patricia F. Weisberg warned employers to stay abreast of all Department of Labor changes, including anticipated overtime rule changes later this year, in order to avoid financial penalties and/or criminal charges.

January 2016

Crain's Cleveland Business | Jacob B. Derenthal

In an article in a special "Corporate Growth and M & A" section in the January 18, 2016 issue of Crain's Cleveland Business, titled "Mitigate M & A risk through due diligence, deal structure and favorable terms," Jacob B. Derenthal explained how participants in mergers and acquisitions can limit the risk arising out of their transactions.

Properties | Geoffrey S. Goss

In an article published in the January 2016 issue of Properties magazine and titled, "Challenges and Opportunities to Watch for in 2016," Geoffrey S. Goss predicted an exciting and prosperous year ahead for Northeast Ohio's commercial real estate market.

December 2015

Crain's Cleveland Business | Craig A. Marvinney

In a Crain's "Legal Guest Blog," published on December 8, 2015 and titled, "Preparing for the next big cybersecurity challenge: What we've learned from the Sony hack of 2014," Craig A. Marvinney asserted that any organization with an IT system must be aware of the potential of being hacked, and should proactively act to protect itself.

November 2015

Crain's Cleveland Business | Patricia F. Weisberg

In an article in a special "Legal Guidebook" section in the November 16, 2015 issue of Crain's Cleveland Business, titled, "Government cracks down on misclassification of independent contractors," Patricia F. Weisberg urged employers to be proactive in re-evaluating their independent contractor relationships to ensure that these workers are not misclassified employees.

Crain's Cleveland Business | Lacie L. O'Daire

In an article in a special "Estate Planning" section in the November 9, 2015 issue of Crain's Cleveland Business, titled, "Revocable Trusts Offer More Control Over Distribution of Retirement Assets," Lacie L. O'Daire noted that some familial situations may make a revocable trust the appropriate beneficiary for a retirement account.

Properties | Geoffrey S. Goss

In an article which appeared in the November 2015 issue of Properties magazine, titled, "Attorney-Client Relationships: Avoiding Surprises, Conflicts of Interest," Geoffrey S. Goss addressed the increasingly important role of "conflict waivers" in commercial real estate transactions.

The Plain Dealer | Christina Henagen Peer

In an online article posted by writer Patrick O'Donnell of The Plain Dealer on November 12, 2015 and titled, "Educators warn of 11 apps that can be a danger," Christina Henagen Peer and Akron schools attorney Rhonda Porter provided a list of 11 apps which they consider to be threats to children's emotional and physical safety.

Crain's Cleveland Business | Marc J. Bloch

In a Crain's "Legal Guest Blog," published on November 3, 2015 and titled, "State of the union: What to expect from the NLRB and how to respond," Marc J. Bloch noted that the NLRB, in the months leading up to the 2016 general election, can be expected to continue its practice of issuing pro-union decisions.

October 2015

Crain's Cleveland Business | Tyler S. Bobes

In a Crain's "Real Estate Guest Blog," published on October 26, 2015 and titled, "Avoiding federal tax liability when selling commercial real estate," Tyler S. Bobes described "1031 like-kind exchanges" and outlined their benefits for commercial real estate investors.

Crain's Cleveland Business | Rick L. Amburgey

In a Crain's "Real Estate Guest Blog," published on October 12, 2015 and titled, "The timely filing of a Notice of Commencement protects both owners and contractors," Rick L. Amburgey explained how the filing of a Notice of Commencement at the beginning of any commercial construction project helps to ensure that the project is completed in a timely manner. | Alexis J. Kim

In an online article which appeared on October 10, 2015 on, Alexis J. Kim noted that those who rent their properties for the Republican National Convention may be able to share their tax burden with their tenants. This article, titled, "Renting out your house for the RNC? Here are some things to consider," was written by reporter Michelle Jarboe.

September 2015

Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Journal | Darrell A. Clay

In the September 2015 issue of the Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Journal, Darrell A. Clay discussed the United States Sentencing Commission's proposed amendments to the federal sentencing guidelines. In this article, titled, "The April 2015 Proposed Amendments to the Federal Sentencing Guidelines," Darrell asserted that the most significant proposed changes were those related to economic offenses and to the guideline for a mitigating role in the offense.