Intense competition for state-issued medical marijuana licenses necessitates advance preparation

In a "Legal Guest Blog," published in Crain's Cleveland Business on April 26, 2017 and titled, "Intense competition for state-issued medical marijuana licenses necessitates advance preparation," Kevin P. Murphy asserted that applicants for medical marijuana licenses must be well-prepared if they hope to secure one of the limited number of licenses available in Ohio. [More]

New "Education Law Update" Podcast to Help School Districts Manage Emerging, Challenging Issues

To help school districts stay abreast of the latest court decisions and agency guidance and provide insights on best practices for handling today's most complex issues, Walter | Haverfield education law attorneys Miriam Pearlmutter and Lisa Woloszynek have launched "Education Law Update", a podcast series covering an array of timely issues. [More]

Episode Four: Religion and Schools: Part One

In this episode, Miriam and Lisa tackle a sometimes-thorny issue: students' religious rights and how the First Amendment sometimes collides with school policies and practice. Learn about the law and enjoy a plethora of fascinating cases from all around the country! Can a district require students to cut their hair? Is student-led prayer before football games allowed? What about at graduation? What if a child writes an essay about her faith? [More]