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Appeals Court Holds Private Property Owner Cannot Obtain Injunction to Stop Eminent Domain Lawsuit

Much of eminent domain litigation focuses on disputes over property valuation. Generally, these disputes are resolved by the parties submitting expert testimony regarding valuation, followed by a jury deciding what constitutes “just compensation” for property taken and, if necessary, any residual damage to the private property not needed for the public project. Recently, however, the […]

No Conviction Needed: Ohio Supreme Court Rules That Lawsuits Based on Criminal Acts Do Not Require an Underlying Conviction

August 3, 2020  On July 29, 2020, the Supreme Court of Ohio decided Buddenberg v. Weisdack et al., 2020-Ohio-3832, an important case interpreting a provision of the Ohio Revised Code which imparts civil liability on persons who engaged in “criminal acts.” Before Buddenberg, it was not clear whether a party could bring a civil lawsuit […]