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Don’t Leave Yourself Exposed with a Naked Trademark License

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Clothing your trademark license with certain contractual provisions can possibly cover an otherwise uncomfortably bare exposure. An owner of a trademark has a duty to ensure the consistency of its trademarks, as well as the good(s) and/or…
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The Sweet Smell of Differentiation: Protecting Brand Intangibles as Trademarks

In the never-ending quest to prove to consumers that a product is truly unique, manufacturers in recent years have begun to seek trademark protection on intangible brand qualities, such as scent. In 2014, Verizon registered a “flowery…
United States Patent and Trademark Office

USPTO Now Requiring U.S. Representation for All Foreign Trademark Applicants, Registrants, or Parties

Effective August 3, 2019, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) will require all applicants, registrants, or parties (including Canadian attorneys) not domiciled in the United States to be represented by a U.S. attorney…