Environmental & Waste Management


Walter | Haverfield serves government entities, manufacturers, waste disposal owners and operators, contractors, industrial/commercial property owners, and various other businesses affected by environmental legislation and toxic tort law. The goal of our environmental team is to eliminate potential client liability.  However, this is not always possible, and we are prepared to represent the full extent of our clients’ interests regardless of liability. We handle CERCLA “Superfund” cases, cost recovery and contribution actions, disposal of solid waste and construction and demolition debris disputes, sludge incinerator issues, issues and disputes surrounding the permitting and operation of environmental facilities, environmental nuisance-abatement actions, environmental risk management and claims, and defense of environmental crimes. 

We work to facilitate change in laws and regulations, handle Ohio EPA permit applications and appeals of unreasonable or unlawful terms and conditions, evaluate insurance mechanisms to address short- and long-term environmental liability risks, and provide counsel in private suits and community right-to-know requests. Clients with environmental law concerns often benefit from the firm’s wider expertise as well: in real estate, labor and employment, corporate, financial, and economic development services. Representative clients include government entities, manufacturers, waste disposal operators, contractors, and commercial and industrial property owners.

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