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New COVID Vaccination Rules for Businesses That Hold Federal Contracts or Subcontracts

September 27, 2021/by T. Ted Motheral

Tax Law Proposal May Require Action Now

September 21, 2021/by Lacie L. O'Daire

Ohio Board of Pharmacy Releases Applications for 73 New Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

September 21, 2021/by John N. Neal

Ohio Federal Court Issues Preliminary Ruling Denying Challenge to District’s Mask Mandate

September 16, 2021/by Christine T. Cossler

Biden Announces Employee COVID-19 Vaccination Requirements for Large Private Sector Employers, Federal Contractors, and Most Healthcare Employers

September 14, 2021/by Shannon Byrne

Return of Obama Era Employee Standards? Company Email and Handbooks for Union Organizing Under Biden

September 13, 2021/by Marc J Bloch

Walter | Haverfield Represents Developers in Acquiring I-X Center

September 10, 2021/by Walter Haverfield

W|H Attorney Peter Zawadski Gives Guidance on Masks in Ohio’s School Districts

August 30, 2021/by Peter T. Zawadski

Nearly Half of All Walter | Haverfield Attorneys Recognized by Best Lawyers®

August 19, 2021/by Walter Haverfield

Walter | Haverfield Partner Appointed to Top-Level Position of International Corporate Defense Attorney Organization

August 17, 2021/by Walter Haverfield

U.S. Department of Education Releases “Roadmap” to Return to In-Person Learning

August 3, 2021/by Christina Henagen Peer

Guidance Issued Regarding Districts’ Obligations to Students Suffering from “Long COVID” Under the IDEA and Section 504

August 2, 2021/by Christina Henagen Peer