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U.S. Department of Education Office for Civil Rights Reiterates Obligations Regarding Participation in Extracurricular Activities for Students with Disabilities

February 17, 2013/by Walter Haverfield

After a so-so 2012, Cleveland real estate market is poised for big things this year

January 15, 2013/by Walter Haverfield

An Analysis of the Ohio Legacy Trust Act and What Asset Protection Trusts Will Mean For Ohio

January 12, 2013/by Walter Haverfield

Walter | Haverfield’s Employment/Education Group Grows at Record Pace to Become One of the Largest in Region

November 20, 2012/by Walter Haverfield

Historic Tax Credits Face External Challenges Despite Proven Economic Impact

October 12, 2012/by Walter Haverfield

Recent court decision challenges future of vital historic tax credit program

September 12, 2012/by Walter Haverfield

Impending NLRB Decision Expected to Pave the Way for Increased Union Activity on the Virtual Highway

September 1, 2012/by Walter Haverfield

Amid financing challenges, developers consider options

August 12, 2012/by Walter Haverfield

Judicious Use of Your Estate and Gift Tax Exemption Requires Action Soon

June 17, 2012/by Walter Haverfield

New Law Limits Local Government Control Over Telecom Facilities

March 20, 2012/by Walter Haverfield

Physician Apologies and General Admissions of Fault: Amending the Federal Rules of Evidence, 72 Ohio St. L.J. 687 (2011)

June 17, 2011/by Walter Haverfield

Executive Editor, 15th ED. Tools and Techniques of Estate Planning

January 1, 2011/by Walter Haverfield