The Ohio History Connection (previously the Ohio Historical Society) has just released an updated suggested record retention schedule for school districts. The template for this schedule can be accessed here.

School districts are not required to adopt new record retention schedules simply because an update has been released. However, the updated suggested schedule is significantly more detailed than the previous guidance provided by the Ohio History Connection. This level of detail, and the effort to better align the names and categories of records with those generated by school districts, should prove helpful to districts.

School districts are encouraged to review their current record retention schedule as well as the updated schedule. According to the Ohio History Connection, the retention periods on the schedule are required by statute or have been determined by best practice. However, each school district’s local records commission should review the suggested retention periods carefully with legal counsel to determine whether any adjustments should be made. The suggested retention periods can be edited based on the administrative, fiscal, legal and historical value of the records as determined by the commission. Additionally, school districts should note that a new record retention schedule will not be in effect until it is adopted and signed by the commission as well as by a representative from the state archives and the Ohio Auditor of State’s office. Finally, school districts should review their board policies to ensure that the policy is in alignment with the record retention schedule adopted by the commission.

Any questions on this topic can be directed to Christina Peer at 216-928-2918 or or any of the other attorneys in the Education Law group.