Walter | Haverfield attorneys possess a wealth of knowledge regarding some of today's hottest legal and business topics. They are available for interviews and/or articles upon request. Below is a brief overview of some of the topics they can address.

To arrange an interview or request an article, please contact:

Kristin A. Volk
Director of Marketing
(216) 928-2900


  • Creditors' Rights: What companies need to know when a customer goes bankrupt
  • Bankruptcy in a tough economy: Is it the answer for your company? What are your legal rights?
  • Does your business need an antitrust review? How to ensure your operations aren't functioning at an anti-competitive level?
  • You've been subpoenaed. Now what?
  • What steps to take when buying or selling a business
  • What are the funding and financing options for growing a business?
  • What to consider for real estate investments in the cannabis industry


  • Student Cell Phone Usage — Cheating, "sexting," general classroom disturbances. What administrators can do to protect themselves from liability surrounding inappropriate student cell phone usage on school property and/or during school hours
  • Liability and student Internet usage
  • The perils and pitfalls of social media
  • Education: Students and guns — what liability does a school district have when a student brings a gun to school?
  • Common issues and guidance for transgender students

Employee Benefits

  • Multi-employer pension plans: A potential pension crash looms over the horizon
  • Corporate wellness programs - Are they a wise investment for employers?
  • Maintaining plan documents and summary plan descriptions (SPDs)


  • The highly dynamic landscape includes notable amendments and new laws (ADAAA, Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, FMLA and more). What do employers need to know?
  • Employee handbooks — An important, but often overlooked, tool
  • Computer sabotage by disgruntled workers


  • Cleaning up contaminated properties: Owner liability and responsibility
  • Community Right to Know: How much are you required to reveal about the presence and use of hazardous materials in your manufacturing or processing facility? How much should you reveal?

Public Law

  • Inner Ring Suburbs — Regionalism emerges in the struggle for survival
  • State vs. local lawmaking powers
  • The effect on storm water regulations on Ohio municipalities
  • Fiscal emergencies and the legal entanglements they create

Real Estate

  • Challenges in urban redevelopment and adaptive re-use
  • Creative financing for commercial real estate ventures

Tax Planning & Wealth Management

  • Tax planning pitfalls — what to avoid
  • Estate planning tips, solutions and strategy
  • Legal and tax considerations when selling a company