Walter Haverfield Attorney

Erin B. Kurec

  • Paralegal
  • Cleveland Direct: 216.619.7840
  • Cleveland Fax: 216.916.2355


Erin is a paralegal dedicated full-time to Walter | Haverfield LLP's Liquor Control Law practice. She has worked with experienced liquor counsel for years and has broad knowledge of Ohio regulations regarding the beer, wine and spirits industry. Erin regularly communicates with state and federal liquor licensing authorities which makes her familiar with this niche practice beyond the level of most attorneys. As a member of the firm's Liquor Control Law group, she assists clients with new and transferred permits, compliance matters and business planning. She is a valuable and reliable resource available for direct calls from firm clients.

Erin also works with the firm's medical marijuana practice, which shares many similarities with Ohio's administrative regulation of alcohol.

Prior to joining Walter | Haverfield, Erin worked at a Cleveland, Ohio firm in liquor control and litigation practice areas.







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