Walter | Haverfield’s Education Law team also includes skilled negotiators who have successfully negotiated numerous collective bargaining agreements with both teaching and non-teaching personnel. Through this representation, our attorneys can either serve as the management spokesperson or assist the board from behind the scenes. We understand the importance of preparation and assist districts in setting the stage for successfully asserting positions at the bargaining table. We also recognize the vital importance of the attorney-client relationship during contract negotiations. We work to gain a full understanding of our clients’ interests so that we can best help advance them through the negotiation process.



Our team’s experience includes:

  • Assists in grievance proceedings and represents Boards in labor arbitrations.
  • Negotiates labor contracts with certified and classified bargaining units.
  • Serves as chief negotiator for the school district in certified and classified bargaining units in traditional bargaining settings and interest based bargaining.
  • Representation of school districts in grievance proceedings and arbitration.
  • Advises school districts on the application and interpretation of collective bargaining agreements.
  • Assists school districts “behind the scenes” in collective bargaining and grievance proceedings.