Walter | Haverfield’s Intellectual Property practice group serves independent entrepreneurs, start-ups, Fortune-rated corporations, universities and other research-based institutions, and just about every organization in between. Our intellectual property team has extensive experience in numerous technical fields with respect to obtaining and maintaining patent rights, including all phases of mechanical, electrical, software, business methods, chemical, and chemical engineering fields. The industries we serve are equally as broad, including land, air and water transportation vehicles; electronic appliances; athletic equipment; tools in numerous categories; building components of all types; processing of natural resources; financial services; aerospace equipment; manufacturing; high tech medical and health products and processes; food service; and gaming, to name a few. Our geographic coverage is extremely broad, spanning across the country and around the world.

Walter | Haverfield’s team of seasoned patent professionals has a strong track record for protecting, defending and enforcing the intellectual property interests of our clients, whether they are independent inventors, start-up companies, universities or Fortune-rated corporations. We counsel clients in virtually every phase of the patent process from patent searches to patent preparation and filing. To maximize benefit and know the landscape, we also provide patentability searches as well as freedom to operate and non-infringement legal analysis and opinions.

Our experience and bench strength allow us to help clients create effective patent strategies and manage domestic, as well as international, patent portfolios of all sizes. We have worked with clients located in nearly every corner of the world and understand the various cultural and regulatory differences that exist abroad.

Our patent services include:

  • Patent Clearance
  • U.S. Patent Preparation and Prosecution before the USPTO
  • Preparation and Prosecution of Applications in Foreign Patent Offices
  • U.S. Preparation and Prosecution of Designs
  • Preparation and Prosecution of Designs in Foreign Patent Offices
  • Management of Patent Portfolios in the U.S. and Worldwide



Our team’s experience includes:

  • Prepares and prosecutes hundreds of utility and design patent applications.
  • Representation of a client in the semiconductor industry in an ex parte reexamination proceeding, resulting in a reissued patent.
  • Works with clients in various technology industries including telecommunications, electrical and computer science, gaming, robotics, computer software, e-commerce, digital signal processing, semiconductor chip fabrication, financial services, medical devices, and the mechanical arts.
  • Prepares and prosecute utility and design patents for high profile domestic and international clients.
  • Prepares patent availability, infringement analysis, and freedom to operate reports.
  • Performs patent searches relating to patent availability and patent infringement.
  • Manages all aspects of international (PCT) and foreign patent applications including communicating with foreign associates.
  • Prepares thousands of replies to Patent Office Actions arguing for the patentability of patent applications.
  • Drafted over a hundred patent applications ranging in technology fields from artificial intelligence, wireless communications, antenna design, semi-conductors and memory chip design, industrial automation, online banking systems, encryption, software defined networking, and network function virtualization.
  • Prepared and filed over 50 new patent applications for a variety of clients having expansive technical fields.
  • Prosecutes numerous patent applications through to allowance as patents in the fields of medical devices, imaging devices, financial software, business methods, and more.