Few transactions are conducted today without tax consequences. At Walter | Haverfield, however, we believe that taxes can be minimized through wise decision making and advance planning. We possess the knowledge and expertise to analyze all aspects of individual and entity tax transactions, including: property transfers, capital gains and losses, installment sales, grantor trust transactions, 1031 exchanges, qualified and non-qualified deferred compensation, benefits, ACAs and more.

We stay abreast of the constant changes within the Internal Revenue Code to ensure our clients legally minimize their tax liability. For those clients that face penalties and legal action, we provide tax court practice, expert witness and litigation support.

By fully understanding our clients’ individual and business objectives, our team of tax experts provides valuable tax-saving tips and identifies customized solutions for limiting tax consequences.



Our team's experience includes:

  • Creatively structure and negotiate purchases and sales of businesses to reduce or eliminate taxes.
  • Design compensation, benefits and qualified plan systems for closely held and family businesses to maximize benefits and minimize costs.
  • Structure optimal entity selection, accounting periods, and methods and situs of closely held entities to reduce tax exposure for entrepreneurial businesses.
  • Extensive IRS, state, and local practice including hundreds of audits, appeals, and court cases on the federal, state, and local level; regularly obtain private letter rulings and interface with all levels of administrative entities.
  • Manage family business and other shareholder disputes.
  • Work closely with individuals and their families to design and implement multi-generational estate and wealth planning strategies.
  • Estate and Trust administration.
  • Advise and assist clients in all steps of setting up non-profit organizations and obtaining favorable determinations from IRS.
  • Assist with reinstatement of tax exempt status.
  • Assist in gift planning to maximize estate, gift, and generation skipping tax savings.
  • Advise and guide clients through Offshore Voluntary Disclosure for previously unreported foreign bank accounts.