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According to Benjamin Franklin, “Half the truth is often a great lie.” While this may be an accurate statement, it’s even worse is when there’s absolutely no truth to the statement made. When you or your organization are the focus of such untruths, Walter | Haverfield is here to help.

While defamation in the shape of slanderous and libelous comments has been around for many decades, the problem has been significantly exacerbated by the advance of the internet as a reporting and social tool. Comments made on the internet can remain on the website where they were first published, as well as on other blogs and websites, and even in the cache of search engines for many years.

Walter | Haverfield attorneys have experience in handling cases involving internet defamation, as well as online libel, with a track record for quickly locating and identifying “anonymous” infringers through the analysis of complex electronic data and, where necessary, the use of digital forensic resources. We can help protect your reputation through the expeditious initiation of litigation seeking damages and attorneys’ fees and subpoena the relevant internet service provider to reveal the identity of the “anonymous” cyber-attacker.


The Internet Defamation group’s experience and services include the following:

  • Defended and advised client who allegedly sent defamatory emails and interfered with prospective business relationships.
  • Representation of an international food preparer and supplier in the removal of multiple videos from YouTube and other internet sites posted by a terminated employee under an “anonymous” username.
  • Assisted in the representation of a national insurance agency relative to anonymous internet defamation activities as well as cyber-attacks falsely associating emails and other internet-activity with the agency.

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