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Lexwork International Logo is an association of mid-sized independent law firms in major cities located in Europe, Asia and North America. Each member firm provides all of the normal services required by corporate clients, within its own jurisdiction. Member firms also combine to provide effective support for cross-border transactions.

In 2005, Lexwork International combined with Great Lakes Law, the first U.S. – Canadian law firm network of twelve mid-size North American law firms in major cities in the Great Lakes region. Walter Haverfield played a key role in conceiving and founding Great Lakes Law in 1990. Lexwork International was founded in 1973.

Our member firms all practice independently and are not bound to refer work to each other. They do, however, all cooperate as members of Lexwork International with a view to obtaining the benefits that come from membership, for them and their clients.

Disclaimer:  Lexwork International is an association of law firms and is not a legal body separate from its constituents. All member law firms subscribe to the objectives appearing on this web site. However, neither Lexwork International nor any member firm has any control over the services provided by any other member law firm, and therefore, has no responsibility for their acts.

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