Medical Device Manufacturing


Medical equipment manufacturers benefit from Walter | Haverfield's in-depth experience in the technology, bioscience and health care industries with capabilities in all related areas of legal practice, including service as seasoned counselors, advisors and advocates. The complex nature of the legal needs of FDA-regulated medical device companies requires a keen understanding of regulatory laws and their implications, as well as a team approach to developing solutions. Our long experience in all aspects of business, regulatory and adversarial legal matters has earned us a reputation as well-informed, tenacious and highly visible practitioners of our craft.

Responding to the wide range of requirements presented by different segments of these industries, we provide such services as: general counsel; development of fraud and abuse, HIPAA and antitrust compliance programs for medical device companies; and development of contractual arrangements for medical product manufacturers and distributors. In addition, we have developed and implemented corporate compliance plans and policies for a national DME and medical supply company; trained medical products company sales employees on the Robinson-Patman Act and prepared a checklist to evaluate potential antitrust pitfalls in various sales contracts; and evaluated the antitrust implications of a proposed contract between two competing suppliers of health care products.

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